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Preposterous as it may sound, a beer can has made its debut as a video controller. Recently, “Cantroller” has been launched by Miller Lite, a reputed beer brand. This has been a most unusual gift from the beer company because it is a full-fledged video game controller with buttons. The limited-edition product has been part of a campaign meant for appealing to the booming gamers’ community. The best part is this unique electronic equipment even has beer in it!

How Miller Lite’s beer can became a video game controller:

We associate both beer and games as ways of unwinding after a stressful day at work. They can also be excellent mediums for building new relationships and community feelings. And no one can argue that a can of beer can be the perfect thing to have around when you are playing an intense, adrenaline-rushing video game. A beer and a casino game is also a good choice to relieve stress. Countries like Japan are increasingly becoming popular for casino sites. Gamblers in Japan must check for reliable Japan Online Casino sites so that the safety can be ensured.  No surprises then why Miller Lite chose a beer can to double up as a controller.

video controller

This ingenious, one-of-its-kind device is called a Cantroller. The idea was to provide gaming enthusiasts with something that would keep them feeling refreshed while they played. It is meant for offering players a never-before gaming experience, something that the brand feels will appeal to both gaming fans and players. While the beer is not going to change how you play a video game, it will certainly keep you hydrated and refreshed.

The Cantroller is fitted with all functions that you need to play a video game. The design had been in the works for almost 3 months, but is straightforward. Engineers have covered the 12-oz. can with a PCB or printed circuit board. Metal dome switches have been affixed on its top using an adhesive layer. So, players can press the buttons easily; the engineers decided on a maximum of 10 buttons. The PCB has been integrated with Bluetooth IC which will enable wireless connectivity to computers. These will transmit data as players press on the buttons. Besides, the can has a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. It is fitted with a micro-USB port to allow this. You can play non-stop for 3 hours with this battery after which it needs to be recharged for the same time. This Bluetooth-enabled gamepad is compatible with both Windows and OSX.

Miller Lite had partnered with Steam, a gaming store online, for its launch. To start, you only have to pair this device with your computer or laptop, start Steam, and activate the Cantroller after defining the layout. Miller Lite’s computer had been loaded with many popular games like Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of Rage, and the Sega Genesis. Including many Stock Trading applications. To see those apps, visit and find the best one if you’re interested in buying stocks. After some initial hiccups in maneuvering the controller, players got used to it. The standard buttons like up, down, start, select, left and right, and A, B, X and Y, are all there. Whether the device is suited for playing the latest more-sophisticated games remains questionable, but it is fine for RPGs and basic games. The device can work even without beer in it. So, even if you have finished the can, you do not have to quit playing!